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Noorderlicht december 2022 recensie:

it is clearly a landscape .helped by the elongated format. Wich lends itself perfectly to painting landscapes. In this work, there is no focal point. The eye wanders over hill and through valleys. Subtle trees are painted in the distance , contrasting darkly agianst the white mountians . Those Trees are the strongest element in this work. Their presence suddenly transforms the work into the landscape. This is extremely well done. In the sky and in the refection of the water , wonderful lines and planes of color sparkle. it gives the whole work a playful element. smoothly and verve painted!

Februari 2023 : heel leuk werk -Bert Ottens 

Ants  november 2021 recensie:

the title refers to ants. And that is exactly the feeling you get from the work. The shapes vaguely remind you of ants. Especially all those little thin lines make you think of ants . Consistently implemented over the entire surface. That gives a lot of power to the work . Here and there the colors deviate and that was a very good decision because it brings much more life to the tickling and swarming . It lifts the work to higher level. This is a challengingly bold and succesful work . 


november 2023 aanstaande mijn tweede ( het is de derde route)kunstwandeling Theresia en t'Goirke te tilburg  vandaag en morgen 18 en 19 november 11 tot 18 uur


 you tube filmpjes van mijn aan het werk.